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How do you know it’s time to go?

Home sales are typically higher as we move from spring into summer and this year has been no exception!  It seems that everywhere you look there is an article or news story about buying or selling your home.  It is easy to get caught up in the dollar signs of the selling and buying frenzy that is going on in our area, but just because the market is moving doesn’t mean you should!  So, how do you know?

A few short decades ago, many people only bought one or two houses in their lifetime.  Now however, many buy a new home and move every few years for a variety of reasons.  Most moves still coincide with major life events like buying a starter home, starting a family or empty-nest downsizing.  Along with those reasons, many also want to move for access to a new school district, new neighborhood amenities or lower taxes. And, with the new work-from-home trend taking over, time spent commuting is no longer as large an issue as it once was when considering a move.

If some of these things are true for you, now may be the time to go!  Have you outgrown your home?  If, even after the best marathon decluttering sessions you and your family still don’t have enough space, it might be time to consider a new home.  You may need a different configuration of space than what your current home offers and a renovation is not an option.  Do you feel like you have too much space to care for or even too much mortgage and would like to downsize and perhaps travel, start a business or just relax more and mow less. 

If you have been thinking about moving for a while, are wrapping up some home improvement projects or see homes selling quickly in your current neighborhood with the price per square foot higher on comparable sales than what you originally paid, now could be the ideal time for you to sell.  There are a few other things to consider before putting your home on the market especially where you would like to move to and your timeframe requirements.  Many prospective sellers wonder where they will go if their home sells quickly and they haven’t found one to buy.  I can help with a handyman, estate sales, packing and moving.  If you remember to keep an open mind about your search for a new home and consider that many things can be negotiated such as closing dates and possession, these are some starting points for discussion if you’re feeling the urge to move!  And remember...

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