Brentwood has two of the finest looking multi-story parking garages you’ll find anywhere. But Brentwood Home Page readers want to know when the actual buildings that will become the city’s first high-rise, high-density rental “condos” will be built.

We wanted to know “What’s Up with That?” too.

We wanted to know “What’s Up with That?” too.

The Bristol Development Group’s Tapestry project, located at 300 Centerview Drive just north of the Brentwood Place shopping center, was approved in 2011 and initially was expected to be complete this spring. The groundbreaking took place in October of 2011. In January, BHP learned that Bristol was changing contractors for the residential buildings.

Last week, city planning director Jeff Dobson told us that the plans have been signed and approved for months, his office has just been waiting on someone to come in and apply for building permits.

David Hanchrow, Bristol’s chief investment officer, told us Friday that he expected the contract with Doster Construction, which will finish the residential portion of the project, to be signed Friday or early this week at the latest.

“It’s a pretty complicated contract,” Hanchrow said. “We’re trying to work out all of the little details.”

The actual buildings, which together will incorporate close to 400 one- and two-bedroom units, “will look just like it was approved last year.”

“Once we start actually building, then we’ll start releasing floor plans,” he added. Foundation work should begin within  a few weeks, he said.

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