Franklin's historic Lotz House is set to open the Lotz House Antiques and Museum Store on Friday, March 3. 

According to a news release, the store will feature antiques and collectibles from the estate of the late Sue Armstrong Thompson, also known as the “One Woman Road Show.”

The store will open Friday, March 3 an dis located next door to the Lotz House on the lower level of 1117 Columbia Avenue. 

“We’re excited to share Sue’s antique collection with others in Franklin who appreciate decorative arts as well as fun finds," Thompson's son and Lotz House owner J.T. Thompson said. "I’ve always called Sue an ‘incurable collector’ because I witnessed repeatedly her love for the hunt since I was barely walking in Texas as a child. I was recently surprised to learn she had many hidden storage units throughout Williamson and Marshall Counties housing her abundant collection.”

The retail store will feature American Victorian antiques from the 1820s to 1950s as well as other unique items in what former editor-at-large at The Magazine Antiques Wendell Garrett called "by far the finest private collection of American Victorian Furniture in the Southeast.”

“We’ve uncovered many furnishings and decorative art pieces, yet still have more to discover in various storage containers," Thompson said. "It’s like Christmas morning every time I open a box or uncover a piece of furniture that has been sealed or covered for decades in many cases. We’ll continue to add to the store’s inventory as we begin to sell items and make room for more. We will constantly be adding additional inventory, which will be make it a fun experience for shoppers of all ages.”

Antique appraisals are also offered, with more information available online here or by calling 615-790-7190.