Michael Dixon and Brian Setzer

Michael Dixon and Brian Setzer have accomplished much in their 32 years as a couple, from creating a wonderful home for themselves to working to help make their community better in many ways.

The two met in Michigan where they had both moved for jobs in the automotive business. They were introduced by a common friend because they were both southerners. Through the years, their various endeavors brought them to Nashville.

Brian and Michael always ensure they have time to support local charities, including the Swan Ball, Symphony Fashion Show, Parthenon Conservancy, Antique and Garden Show, and numerous others.

They often take on important roles, specifically, through Michael’s company, Travelink, such as procuring significant trips for the Swan Ball auction and flying in the designer and team for the Symphony Fashion Show.

The couple says the Antique and Garden Show is the anchor for their January and February schedule and they often observe Valentine’s Day during that time. They enjoy being involved in the event, which focuses so much on amazing floral displays.

Michael and Brian are enthusiasts for health and well-being, and they are regulars at the Green Hills YMCA. They also have enjoyed running on Belle Meade Boulevard, which is how they found their current home.

They liked to jog down a side street in Belle Meade, and they greatly admired a certain home that is now 107 years old. They always said if it ever came up for sale, they might be interested.

One day they received a postcard in the mail that the house was available. Even though they had no plans to relocate to another residence, they went to have a look inside and soon they were moving in. 

They have now been in this stately yet unassuming home for 10 years and celebrated their wedding ceremony there seven years ago. They especially appreciated the house during the Covid pandemic, when they were able to spend a lot of time together enjoying its park-like surroundings.

They take a great deal of interest in the house, and they have refurbished and cared for it with respect to its historical integrity. It is a true southern showplace, and their Weimaraner, Hitchcock, helps make it a welcoming home.

Both men are extremely busy with their careers and they travel a lot. That is why they make an effort to schedule downtime together for fun and relaxation.

For the past 29 years, Michael has served as the President and Managing Partner of Travelink, which he co-founded in 1994. He is responsible for the financial affairs and strategic planning for Travelink Incorporated, as well as the general administration of business travel sales, vacation travel, marketing, and operations management.

Brian is the Chief Financial Officer for the Health and Wellness business at Walmart, Inc. In this role, he leads the financial and strategic planning support for the retail pharmacy, optical and health clinic businesses across Walmart’s locations in the United States.

Brian has a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Tennessee and Michael received his degree from Mars Hill College in North Carolina. They both hold Master's Degrees in Business Administration from Vanderbilt University.

The two have an ardent interest in exploring the world, and they have been able to have adventures together including Antarctica, New Zealand, China, Morocco, Kenya and many others.

It is difficult to imagine they have any spare time, but when they do, Michael is an avid gardener and serves on the Ceres Society for the City of Belle Meade. He is a member of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America and owns a vintage 1970 Mercedes-Benz Roadster.

Brian is a dedicated supporter of youth-oriented music programs, including a long-standing involvement in high school and college band and is a fan of competitive drum and bugle corps.

They enjoy cooking together, and Michael mans the grill while Brian prepares the rest of the meal in the spacious kitchen. They enjoy entertaining at home and hosting intimate gatherings.

The couple has carved out a wonderful life for themselves, with exciting and challenging careers, magical trips, and a marvelous home where it all comes together.