A relocation of the Kroger at Belle Meade to a nearby building last home to a Harris Teeter grocery store is being prepared.

Located at 4560 Harding Pike, the Kroger at Belle Meade opened in 1978, with the building from which it operates and an accompanying structure, Belle Meade Plaza Shopping Center, seemingly under contract to be sold as the Post reported in April (read here).  

The Belle Meade Kroger has operated from its building longer than any other Davidson County Kroger located either west or southwest of downtown Nashville has been at its current structure.

The Harris Teeter operated at 4301 Harding Pike and within a building that was part of a redevelopment of the former Belle Meade Theater, undertaken by Nashville-based Giarratana. The grocery store — which did not offer signage or access at Harding Pike (see the former entrance here) — closed in February 2015 after Kroger acquired Harris Teeter in mid-2013 for $2.4 billion (read here).

Kroger seemingly still has a lease for the ex-Harris Teeter space.

4301 Harding Pike art

4301 Harding Pike

Lauren Bell, Kroger spokesperson, said the company is not ready to disclose a move date or a cost to undertake the relocation. Similarly, she declined to note if the existing Kroger at Belle Meade — home to about 80 employees — will remain open until the future Kroger is operational.

It is not clear if Kroger will attempt to have some type of Harding Pike signage/access presence — though sources told the Post that is the Cincinnati-based company’s preference.

Belle Meade Plaza Shopping Center — a retail and office building hugging the White Bridge Road viaduct and recognized as the home of Agave’s Mexican Restaurant and Belle Meade Premium Cigars, among others — opened in 1961. The two-level modernist building offers a main address of 4544 Harding Pike and sits on roughly 10.57 acres. The building includes about 205,500 square feet and was one of Nashville’s first mixed-use buildings (retail on level one and office on floor two) oriented in a suburban manner, with the structure separated from the street by surface parking.

Nashville’s May family owns the property, seemingly having paid $14.5 million for it and the adjacent Kroger building in January 1997, according to Metro records. Sources said the property could command a minimum of $80 million. The Post has been unable to determine the identity of the prospective buyer.

Nashville-based Robin Realty manages the spaces for the Mays, with family members unavailable for comment.

Other tenants include Wells Fargo Bank, Ninki, Pho Ann, CVS, Starbucks, Office Depot and Katy’s Hallmark Shop.

The property sits within Metro Councilmember Kathleen Murphy’s District 24.

According to sources, any redevelopment of the site is likely to require a rezoning due, in part, to its proximity to the floodplain created by the nearby Richland Creek.

Though called Belle Meade Plaza Shopping Center and Kroger at Belle Meade, the property apparently does not fully sit within the municipal boundaries of the satellite city from which the name derives.